Dreaming to win a lottery jackpot? You are more likely to be hit by a meteor!

lottery jackpot

That’s correct. If you’ve been day dreaming of buying a luxury apartment or a Lamborghini with lottery jackpot money, then think again. The chances of winning the UK’s highest lottery jackpot is extremely slim. To be precise, it is 1 in 45 million. In fact, you are way more likely to be hit by a meteor falling from the sky (1 in 0.7 million).

Below is a list of probable events that has way higher chances to happen to you, compared to your chance of winning the lottery jackpot!

1. You are more likely to get hit & killed by a lighting strike ( 1 in 0.2 million).

3. You are also more likely to die in a plane crash (1 in 11 million). I hope, it doesn’t put you off from flying, because your chances of dying in a car accident  or by honeybee bites are even many folds higher.

3. On the positive side, you are way more likely to date supermodels (chances are 1 in 0.9 million).

4. Win an Olympic gold medal (1 in 0.7 million)

5. You also stand a chance to become an astronaut and go for a space walk (chances are 1 in 12 million)

5. And the ultimate one: you have better chances of becoming the president of the US ( 1 in 43 million) and live in the White House. Figure that?

Don’t want to believe this obvious fact or you are too optimistic? Work out the math for yourself here.

However, don’t get too upset yet. Richard Lustig, a resident of Florida, USA has won seven lottery grand prizes and according  to him it is not sheer luck. He has devised a strategy of picking the winning number, which apparently has worked really well for himself. You can check out the original article here, and may want to check his book on increasing your chance of winning the lottery.

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