Did you know: 10 interesting facts about North Korea

North Korea Facts

North Korea is one of the most interesting & mysterious countries on the earth, and people have a lot of curiosity about the culture, administration and the political situation of the country. Below are 10 interesting North Korea facts that will blow your mind.

North Korea Facts:

  1. Elections are held in North Korea every 5 years, and voting is mandatory in the country with an usual voter turnout of nearly 100%. The strange part is that only one candidate appears on ballot (guess who?). In 2014, Kim Jong Un won the election with 100% vote.
  2. North Korea has self reported a literacy rate of 100%. Note: literacy is defined as the ability to write “Kim in Sung” on paper.
  3. Only 4 million out of 25 million citizens have a mobile phone, with no internet access.
  4. Around 300 female traffic cops control the traffic in the capital, all are hired for their looks. They must be single, beautiful and shall retire at the age of 26.
  5. Citizens are required to choose one of the 28 government approved haircuts.
  6. North Korea has a space program with only 33% success rate. Source
  7. North Korea work hours are from 7 am to 10 pm with many political study sessions in between, for six days a week. There is no concept of personal time. Source
  8. If North Korean citizens are caught watching South Korean movies, pornography or possessing a Bible, they are given death penalty. According to a report, at least 80 public executions were conducted in 2013 alone for such minor “offenses”. Source
  9. You can’t wear blue jeans in North Korea, as it is America’s favorite clothing! Wearing Jeans is a crime, as it symbolizes the enemy. Source
  10. There are no traffic lights in North Korea, as there is no need for one. There is less than 1 car per 1000 people.

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